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How it works

Doorstep makes it easy to plan and pay for great

dating experiences in your area.

  • Find a date experience you like
  • Read details, reviews and highlights
  • Purchase in the app at a discount
  • Show it in the store
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Free To Use

Doorstep is free to download, has no monthly fees, the only price you pay is the reduced price at the date location.

Simple Planning

Figuring out what to do for date night is hard, we make it simple by providing a wide variety of date experiences all packaged for you.

Great Experiences

Every date on Doorstep meets our standards of excellence, so you can be sure that it is a great place to take a date.


Purchase date packages and redeem.

Redeeming date experiences could not be simpler, simply press the "use now" button at the store, and they'll hook you up. No fumbling for your wallet or entering codes.

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Ready. Set. Date.

Plan simply. Save money. Join Doorstep.